Crayola Watercolor Mixing Set

(8) available $2.00 each

Crayola washable watercolor sets, perfect for elementary aged children. You can mix on the inner lid (it’s a palette) or directly on top of each color. Great for learning color theory, make secondary colors from the primaries. These sets have had light use, as seen in photos.

Sargent Art Liquid Watercolor Magic

$5 each

Extremely vibrant colors, this is a concentrated formula. Just add water to a few drops of this and you will have enough paint for a group of children. Kids also have lots of fun mixing the colors in ice cube trays. The bottles are all 3/4 full as seen in photo. They cost $9-10 per bottle in stores.

Watercolor Eye Droppers

(4) available for 50 cents each

Brand new, never used. Great for mixing colors with liquid watercolor paint and for lots of painted crafts with young children.

Basic Watercolor Sets

(5) available .50 cents each

Washable watercolor sets, light to moderate use as seen in photos.

Watercolor Squeeze Bottles

(4) available for $1 each

Great for detail work and a favorite of children, these squeeze bottles hold liquid watercolor paint plus water. These are brand new, never used.

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