Medium Flat Brushes

(6) available at 50 cents each 

Royal and Langnickel medium multi purpose brushes, brand new and never used. Great for tempera and acrylic painting.

Extra Long Brushes

(10) available for 50 cents each

Extra long Royal and Langnickel size 10 paintbrushes, perfect for children painting at easels. These have had moderate use.

1″ Foam Brushes

(10) available at 50 cents each

Foam brushes with 1″ width for the foam brush. They are great for art projects with toddlers and preschoolers. These brushes have only had light use, some have never been used at all.

Chubby Brushes

(10) available at $1 each

Richeson student ‘chubby’ brushes #11 size. These brushes are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers as they refine their motor skills. These have had moderate use.


Richeson Brushes, sizes 1-5, Brand new

These Richeson brushes come in round and flat shapes, sizes 1-4. They are brand new, never used.

50 cents each 

Size 1 flat: (2) available

Size 1 round: (4) available

Size 2 flat: (3) available

Size 2 round: (4) available

Size 4 flat: (5) available

Size 4 round: (2) available

Size 5 flat: (2) available

Size 5 round: (3) available




Richeson Brushes, Sizes 10-12, Brand New

50 cents each

Size 10 flat: (3) available

Size 11 flat: (4) available

Size 12 flat: (3) available


Small Watercolor Brushes

(12) available at 50 cents each

Royal and Langnickel small pink watercolor brushes, size number 2. These brushes are brand new, never used. Great for small hands.



Tiny Watercolor Brushes

(12) available at 50 cents each

These tiny Royal and Langnickel watercolor brushes are a size 1. They are all brand new, never used.

 Royal & Langernickel watercolor brushes 

(5) available at 50 cents each

Brushes measure about 7″ and are great for watercolor painting. These have only been used a few times.

Richeson Flat Brushes

25 cents each 

(2) available in size 4

(2) available in size 5

(2) available in size 6

(1) available in size 7

(1) available in size 8

Richeson flat brushes in various sizes, they have had light to moderate use

Richeson Brushes, Sizes 6-9, Brand new

Flat and round brushes, brand new condition

50 cents each 

Size 6 round: (4) available

Size 7 flat: (1) available

Size 7 round: (4) available

Size 8 flat: (3) available

Size 8 round: (3) available

Size 9 flat:(2) available

Round brushes, Brand new

(2) available for 50 cents each

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