Kohinoor Woodless Colored Pencils 

(5) sets available for $5 each

Last much longer than normal colored pencils, high density color, great for color mixing. These sets have had very light use, most have never been sharpened. Some were never used at all.


8 Crayola Washable Extra Large Chubby Crayons

(4) sets for $2 each

This set is great for toddlers and early 3 year olds as they develop their fine motor skills. These have been used a few times, some have never been used at all.

8 Color Crayola Marker Sets

(12) sets available for $1 each

Washable Crayola classic colors markers, no boxes as I bought them in bulk. Markers have had light use, some never used. All have been tested and are still in like-new condition.

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